Ep15: Does small talk stress you out?

Mei Phing Lim
2 min readJan 27, 2023

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Mei Phing Lim is a Professional Career Coach and former Corporate Leader in the financial services and consulting industries. Mei Phing went from a shy quiet introvert to leading multimillion-dollar projects with teams from over 43 countries as the Senior Director and Head of Governance at Standard Chartered, and now teaching 9–5 professionals how to navigate the corporate world and grow their careers with her career coaching course, The Corporate Survivor™.

Mei Phing has been featured as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2023, sharing expert career advice in guiding young professionals to plan, navigate and grow their careers. Mei Phing is a keynote speaker on corporate culture, work performance and career growth, and sharing perspectives on what truly takes to build a strategic and successful career without getting stuck.

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Mei Phing Lim

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